Discover the exceptional performance of the Tempesta 1.3 Players Cricket Bat, the choice of Babar Azam. This remarkable bat features a distinctive Green colourway, providing a classy finish that sets it apart from the rest.

Designed to meet the demands of players at the highest level, the Tempesta 1.3 Players Cricket Bat incorporates a large mid to low sweet spot and meticulous weight distribution. Every aspect of its engineering has been carefully optimised to ensure that the bat’s weight and pick up are finely tuned, enabling players to unleash their full potential on the field. Whether you’re an aggressive hitter or a finesse player, this bat is the epitome of versatility, perfectly suited to elevate your unique playing style to professional standards.

Prepare to make your mark on the professional game with the Tempesta 1.3 Cricket Bat. Experience unrivalled power, precision, and performance as you showcase your skills on the grandest stage. Elevate your game and leave a lasting impression with a bat that is truly worthy of the professional game.


  • Profile: Large hitting area with mid to low sweet spot.
  • Face: Powercurve – Semi Rounded for increased profile and optimum ping.
  • Pick up: Lower balance point to generate power and bat speed, innovative shaping ensures outstanding pick up.
  • Edges: Large edges to match the spine.
  • Toe: Square.
  • Handle: Semi Oval.
  • Grip: Superlink Pro – High performance maximum grip.
  • Image for illustrative purposes only. Cricket bats are produced from natural materials, please note that grain structure and the natural characteristics of the blade may vary slightly, each bat is a unique hand crafted creation

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